Take some risks this year!
Have you been stuck in a rut performing a pom, military, and jazz year after year because you were afraid of losing points in more technically challenging genres? Our new category specific scoresheets for team and officer dance routines now award you more points for technique on technique intense routine styles like jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and modern. Precision points are awarded more heavily on other traditional routine styles like pom, kick, military, and novelty. Plan your contest season with the challenging and innovative choreography you have been dying to perform, but did not want to risk your scores for attempting those challenges! Our new scoresheets reward the extra technique effort while still awarding your precision points in precision based routine styles. A few other companies have begun to claim they offer category specific scoresheets. Take a close look. if they don't award different score percentages based on the technical challenges of some genres, they are not offering you any reward for your effort and have only changed the title of the paper.

Click here to view our unique Category Specific Scoresheets for Team & Officer Dance Routines
We have already received overwhelming applause from dance directors. Eve Robinson from Alvin HS responded to the news with great enthusiasm: "This is by far the most amazing change that any company has offered! Thank you so much for adding this valuable tool to your judging panel. I feel strongly that this will allow each team to grow with genre specific scoresheets and corrections. We look forward to attending more MA contests and taking advantage of this incredible advancement!"
We totally agree with her!

Click here to view printable guidelines

Competition Classifications and divisions

Dance Classifications
Jr. High/Middle School Small (6-24) NEW
Jr. High/Middle School Large (25+) NEW
Jr. High All Male
Jr. High Coed
5 Public High School (see divisions below)
Private High School
High School JV
High School Pep Squad
High School Elite
High School All Male
High School Coed
10 All Star / Studio (see divisions below)
Officer Lines
Dance Ensembles
Solo Competitors

Public High School Team Divisions
(determined by number on team for Officer Line and Public HS Team Divisions only)
HS Small Team
5 - 15 Members
HS Medium Team
16 - 25 Members
HS Large Team
26 - 35 Members
HS Extra Large Team
36 - 45 Members
HS Super Team
46+ Members
HS Elite
10 - 24

Coed, Private HS, AllStar/Studio, International groups, and All-Male are NOT divided by team size.

All Star / Community / Studio Team Divisions
Based on Age by 8/31 of this school year

Tot 3 years and younger

Tiny 6 years and younger

Mini Prep 9 years & Younger

Mini 9 years and younger

Youth Prep 12 years and younger

Youth 12 years and younger

Junior Prep 15 years and younger

Junior 15 years and younger

Senior 18 years and younger

OPEN- HS Graduate & Younger

Dance Solo & Ensemble Age Divisions
Based on Age by 8/31 of this school year

Tot 3 years and younger

Tiny 4 to 6 years

Mini 7 to 9 years

Youth 10 to 12 years

Junior 13 to 14 years

Senior 15-16 15-16 years old

Senior 17-18 17-18 years old

OPEN 19 + years old

13 Competitive Categories:
Jazz Novelty Prop
High Kick Military Modern
Hip Hop Pom Lyrical
Specialty* Open Show Production

Click here to view a description of dance categories.

* Specialty routines do not count towards sweepstakes since it includes performers that are not part of your dance team. Specialty Routines have their own 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards presented.

We are often asked,

The biggest difference is in terms of the awards for the performers.

With a small ensemble, for example, your routine will compete against every other studio or school that has a small ensemble at that age level for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Studios and schools are all included in these age groups together. If the routine does not place, the routine is not called out during awards… only winners for ensembles are recognized at awards. In addition, if you had more than one small ensemble in that age group, it would be competing against itself and the other small ensembles. All members of an ensemble receive a medal with your scoresheets at the end of the night, but the routine may not place for trophy recognition.

If they compete as a team routine, jazz team routine for example, they will compete only against teams in their classification performing a team jazz routine. These team routines are all recognized when they receive a score of 85 or better. 85 and higher receives a Superior Trophy and are recognized during the awards ceremony. Teams that perform more than 3 team routines are elgibile for MANY more awards including Best in Class, Choreography, Super Sweepstakes and Sweepstakes, and Technqiue as well as Winner's Circle. In addition, studios and schools do not compete against each other from Middle School ages through High School.

Here is a list of routine styles or dance categories to choose from for Team Routines.
Ensembles (duets, trios, small and large) do not compete by style.


Special Division! Pep Squad

High School Pep Squads may now compete as their own special division in dance competition. Pep Squad members will be judged against other high school pep squads in team and officer competition. In solo and ensemble competition, pep squad members will compete against all other dancers in the Senior (9-12 grades) division. The only requirement M.A. Dance will impose is that no High School Pep Squad members may also be members of their school's varsity dance team.

Something Special! High School Elite Division

MA Dance designed this division for high school groups who want to feature their "premiere" performers in a separate contest against other elite teams. High School Elite squads may enter as many "team" routines as they wish and are eligible for all awards given at our Regional and National Competitions. High School Elite teams must be composed of 10-24 dancers who all attend the same high school. All High School Elite teams will be in competition with one another regardless of school or team size.

High School Elite Guidelines:
  1. HS Elite team members may also compete with their regular school team.
  2. High School Elite routines will be performed on the main competition floor.
  3. The entry fees will be the same as other team events.
  4. Elite teams may not be entirely composed of officers, but may include officers as part of the Elite team.
  5. All other items in the team routines guidelines will also apply.

Team Size and Performance Rule
Varsity Public High School Dance Teams are classified as Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Super according to the actual number of members on their team, and not by the number of members competing. Varsity Public HS teams must perform a minimum of 70% of their actual membership on all team routine events. The Penalty will be a 5 point total deduction for each performance not adhering to this rule.

Props and Backdrops Usage
Curtains, staging, and other props for routines should be constructed to fit through a 7 foot tall double door found in most HS gymnasiums. Props and staging may be assembled on the floor but setup & breakdown time will be added to the actual routine performance time length to produce total floor time. Total floor time should not exceed 5 minutes for all dance categories except: Prop (6 Minutes) And Show Production (12 Minutes).

Including set up/entrances/breakdown/exits, teams have a total of 5 minutes of floor time per routine in Jazz, Hip Hop, Military, High Kick, Pom, Lyrical, Modern, Novelty, Specialty, and Open. Prop routines will be given 6 total minutes and Show Production will be allotted 12 total minutes. Entrances and exits are not judged. You may petition for additional time if needed, but only in ONE category per team! A one point penalty per judge per minute will be assessed for exceeding routine time limits.


Refund Policy

Refunds must be requested at least 10 days prior to the competition date. Teams, officers, ensembles, and individuals that cancel entries after that time will not receive any refund!

All entry fees must be paid by the date of the competition!

A panel of (3) professional judges will provide digital oral critiques on all Team, Officer Line, Ensemble, and Solo Performances at all M.A. Regional Contests. Score sheets will accompany all digital critiques.

NOTE: At all M.A. Dance Competitions, judges will be encouraged to deduct points in the appearance and choreography captions if appropriate costuming, movement, and/or music is not utilized in all routine performances.

Regional & Classic Awards:
Superior Trophies
Sweepstakes Trophies
Ensemble Trophies & Medals
Outstanding Dancer Trophies & Medals
High Point Dance Category Awards
Specialty Routine Trophies
Show Production Trophies
Best In Class Awards
Choreography Awards
Outstanding Dance Technique Awards
Winner’s Circle Officer Trophies
Winner’s Circle Team Trophies
  • Superior Trophies for all Division I rated team and officer routines.
  • Sweepstakes Trophies for teams & officers entering at least 3 eligible routines and receiving a superior on all 3.
  • Super Sweepstakes Trophies for teams & officers receiving a 90 or more by all judges on at least 3 routines entered.
  • Best in Class Awards for teams and officers with the highest overall score in their division. At least 3 eligible routines must be entered to qualify.
  • High Point Awards for all contest categories.
  • Choreography Awards for the most innovative team and officer line routines in all contest categories.
  • Outstanding Dance Technique Awards to teams and officer lines with the highest cumulative technique scores for three contest routines.
  • Outstanding Dancer Trophies to the top three to five dancers in each age division. All Superior rated soloists receive medals in their scoring packets.
  • Winner Circle Trophies for the top 3-15 Teams and Officer Lines in the competition. Selection is based on total score for three routines entered.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Trophies for all age divisions in Duet, Trio, Small and Large Ensemble competition. Medals will be awarded to all participants receiving a superior rating in their scoring packets.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Trophies for Show Production and Specialty routines. Only Show Production may count toward a Sweepstakes Trophy, but Specialty will not count toward Sweepstakes Awards.
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