Dear Director:

Thank you so much for visiting our M.A. Dance website. We have impacted the industry since 1976 and have earned an outstanding reputation of excellence for conducting competitions, summer camps, one day clinics, and special events.

We are excited about our National Dance Team & Auxiliary Championship in March that will be held again at the Ft. Worth Convention Center. We offer an "open" Nationals to ensure that all deserving teams may compete.  Consult our section on competitions for further details about our Regional and National Championships. 

M.A. prides itself on providing a superior product that is always given with a professional yet personal touch. Service with a smile is our trademark! Take a moment and browse through our website. You will find sections devoted to Regional Championships, Specialty Contests, our National Championship, summer camps, private camps, one day dance clinics, our outstanding staff, and the many special events we have to offer.

Just for the record, here are a few facts about M.A. Dance that might interest you:

  1. MA was the first to create the choreography, technique and Winner’s Circle Awards at competitions.
  2. MA is a charter member of the National Council of Dance/Drill Team Camps.
  3. MA has provided the halftime entertainment for the past 24 years at several different post season bowl games, World Fairs, and national parades.
  4. MA spends more in “give-aways” for directors at camps, conventions, and competitions than any other company.
  5. MA was one of the first companies to offer and emphasize movement and dance technique as part of its summer camp curriculum.
  6. MA has one of the largest National Dance Championships in the nation with over 135 participating teams.
  7. MA was first to create the “Elite Team” division at dance competitions.
  8. MA allows you to review routines on our tape before you select which routines to learn at camp.
  9. MA provides each team with a FREE summer camp video of over 60 routines if 10 or more members attend the camp.
  10. MA Dance staff is selected from the finest professional dancers, choreographers, and directors from all regions of the United States.

Should you ever need any assistance throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-977-7933 or at It is never too early to be planning for summer camp so be sure to review the information concerning our curriculum for university and hotel camps as well as our information detailing how to schedule a private camp for your dancers. Thank you so much for your interest in M. A. Dance


Mike Mastandrea and Donna M. Haas
Executive Directors

M.A. Dance conducts great director workshops during summer camps. Each director is provided  with a comprehensive manual including several ideas concerning:
  • Fund Raisers
  • Choreography
  • Tryouts
  • Costuming
  • Competitions
  • Teaching and Polishing Routines
  • Dance Technique                        
  • Flag, Rifle, Majorette Basics
  • Time Management
  • Team Building and Motivation
  • Working with the administration
This year, at many of our camps, directors/coaches will be able to participate in activities with their students that promote team unity and leadership.  Naturally, all directors and coaches are more than welcome to attend any classes offered at the camp.  Each director/coach attending will receive a beautiful portfolio, a training manual complete with routine notes, and a free set of CDs of the music.  Dance Directors and/or Auxiliary Directors bringing at least 10 students to camp or conduct a private camp with M.A. Dance, will receive a FREE summer routine video. Those who bring 3-9 students to camp will be able to purchase a summer routine video for $200. This routine video is never sold to any director or group who does not attend a M.A. summer camp.  What a valuable resource for learning more material throughout the year!  No one else in the industry provides this bonus offer.

Each director who attends summer camp will receive a printed certificate giving credit for 12 hours of staff development training.  In many school districts, this certificate will count towards in-service training. Just think, your students can be learning material for the upcoming season while you sharpen your skills in our Marching Auxiliary/M.A. Dance Director program.

If you are not familiar with the superior staff and product offered at an M.A. camp, we strongly suggest that you call for a FREE Promo Video and see our outstanding STAFF perform as well as a  preview of summer camp.  Our toll free number is: (800)-977-7933.

Tricks of Technique Dance Training DVD Available

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