Thank you for your interest in teaching for
MA Dance and Auxiliaries.

Please fill out this Staff Application On-line.

Your application will not be considered until our office has received the following materials in addition to your on-line application. Applications must be received (including materials listed below) by February 15. Please call for space availability if you are going to be submitting an application later than February 15.

Please mail the following items to us immediately.
Marching Auxiliaries, PO BOX 940605, Plano, TX 75094-0605

  • Wallet-sized head shot of yourself
  • A video tape of yourself performing a routine of your own selection and teaching about 64 counts of a routine to a student should also be included. This video will be used to determine your performance and teaching abilities and does not need to be of professional quality.
  • At least one letter of recommendation

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In a short essay, express your views on "What are the characteristics of a good Instructor" and why you would make an excellent staff member for Marching Auxiliaries and/or MA Dance.